Job Requirement
MI,CAM Engineers(3)
1. Science and engineering professionals, college education, English 4 related, aged 25-35 
2. More than 3 years of relevant work experience PCB industry, with more than 2 years working experience; 
3. Proficient in the various processes of MI Multilayer PCB written; 
4. Familiar with PCB; software Geneisis and CAM350, etc. 

QC Engineers(2)
1.High school education, more than a year of work experience in board quality department,familiar with the entire production process, know the PCB quality acceptance criteria; 
2. With strong language skills and analytical skills, good communication skills, good organizational and coordination skills; 
3. Proactive, responsible and good teamwork

1. CET-4 for more than four or equivalent, ability to read and write good English listening and speaking; 
2. College education, there are more than one year of work experience in PCB industry; 
3. Good communication skills and learning ability, personality optimistic;

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