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Why are printed circuit board used widely?

largersmall2018/6/11 11:29:38

PCB’s layout derived from layout design, relating to inner electronic componentmental linethrough-holeouter connecting layoutelectromagnetic protection heat dissipationcrosstalk and so on. A good circuit layout not only save the manufacturing cost, but for the better  circuit performance and  heat dissipating. PCB is the supplier of electronic component’s electrical connection. It has a long history. So why are printed circuit board used widely? The main reasons as the following: 

1.High reliability:there are a series of checkingtesting and degradation testing for printed circuit board to work for a long time.

2.High density: for decades, high density of printed board is advanced as well as integrated circuit integration and mounting technology.  

 3. Manufacturability: taking modernized management,for standardizationscaleautomationhigh-quality.

4.Testability: printed circuit board of proofing yield and life are testing and checking by apparatus, which is  integrated standard and repetitive. 

5.Designability: printed circuit board’s design is done by standardized, standardization system, which is short time and high efficiency for PCB’s performance.   6. Composability: PCB manufacturing is not only easy for component to do the standardized assembly, but the automation and large scale volume production.At the same time, PCB and  component assembly are for bigger componentsystem,until machine.

7.Maintainability: printed circuit board’s product and component assembly is based on standardized design and large scale manufacture, so the components are great.It’s fast and flexible to change, recovering quickly system working when breaking down


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